KVS Regional Incentive Awardees: 1. Mr. M. M. Khuntia, PGT (Economics) in the year 2015. 2. Mr. A. K. Rakshit, PGT (Chemistry), in the year 2011 3. Mr. Pradip Kumar Dey, TGT(P&HE) in the year 2015. 4. Mr. R. K. Mukherjee, ASO in the year 2019 5. Mr. G. Kurma Rao, Sub-staff in the year 2012.


  The Principal
Kendriya Vidyalaya IIT Kharagpur Campus
Near Gas Godown.
Post : Kharagpur,
Dist : Midnapur,
State : West Bengal, PIN : 721302.





  c   03222-279180
      Lok Sabha Constituency :Medinipur
State : West Bengal



From Kharagpur Station take reserved Auto or from Shared Auto go to the 4th Gate of IIT which is near Hijli Co-Operative Society. from there walking Distace is for KV IIT which is insite of IIT Campus.